Face the Music, Good Riders Book 4Face the Music

  • Fourth book in the Good Riders series

Elliott Grayson routinely unlocks the mysteries of the sun, moon, and stars. But understanding faculty politics, social niceties, and beguiling women? Not so much. After a childhood of being touted as the next Einstein, he’s all grown up and looking for challenges outside the lab.
Although pianist Audrey Cameron’s area of expertise is lightyears away from Elliott’s, her aura of mystery, commitment to others, and tragic past intrigue him. Despite Audrey’s reluctance to trust again, Elliott’s determined to banish her fears and overcome his own insecurities. As their attraction grows, will their star-crossed paths merge to create a melody that lasts a lifetime?

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Everybody Knows, Book One of the Sunnyside Series, a small-town Contemporary Romance by Jacie FloydEverybody Knows

  • First book in the Sunnyside series
  • 2013 Golden Heart finalist in Contemporary
  • 2013 Maggie finalist in Contemporary Single Title

Rejecting her family’s life in the fast lane, librarian Harper Simmons craves small-town normalcy and a place to call home. She retreats to Sunnyside, IL, determined to renovate and reopen the town library. But the locals are skeptical of this dynamo in designer clothes. Doctor Zach Novak has buckets of gratitude for all the Sunnysiders have done for him over the years, but he’s eager to leave the country on a medical aid mission…until he meets the enchanting new librarian.

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Remaking Ryan, Book 3 of the Billionaire Brotherhood, by Jacie FloydRemaking Ryan

  • Third book in the Billionaire Brotherhood series
  • 2013 finalist in the Golden Pen Contest
  • Semi-finalist in Gather.Com Romance First Chapter Contest

Jenna McCall and Ryan Eastham are opposites united in their disenchantment with life. Due to a shattering betrayal by her husband, Jenna is wary of men and emotional attachments. An injury has ended Ryan’s football career and he’s searching for a new direction. When family commitments thrust them together as reluctant companions on a cross-country drive, Jenna and Ryan find unexpected pleasure in one another’s company and discover that sometimes the long way home is the only way to go.

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Daring Dylan, Book 2 of the Billionaire Brotherhood, by Jacie FloydDaring Dylan

  • Second book in the Billionaire Brotherhood series
  • Winner of the 2001 Golden Heart for Single Title

In this story, a down-to-earth pediatrician and the worldly son of a wealthy political family first clash, and then join forces, when he arrives in her small New England town, intent on discovering the truth about a mysterious man claiming to be his half-brother. Dylan Bradford and Gracie O’Donnell uncover deadly secrets and solve a twenty-five-year-old mystery while evading danger and falling in love.

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Winning Wyatt, Book 1 of the Billionaire Brotherhood, by Jacie FloydWinning Wyatt

  • First book in the Billionaire Brotherhood series
  • 2008 Golden Heart finalist in Contemporary Series

Kara Enderley, a 30-year-old art critic, comes face to face with her worst nightmare when her former lover shows up on her doorstop after a three-year separation. Once upon a time, Wyatt Maitland had helped her heal the tragedies of her past, but her plans for the future don’t include him. Disillusioned by a life of wealth and privilege, Wyatt is weary of being manipulated by others in the name of love. When he learns that he and Kara have a two-year-old son, he believes that she is just like all the other women who have wanted to use him for their own purposes. As he becomes enchanted by the unconditional love of his child, Wyatt’s determination to right old wrongs and win Kara back is a formidable task. His presence in her life resurrects all of Kara’s biggest fears and deepest passions. The two of them must learn to love and forgive themselves before they can learn to love and trust one another.

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Happy This Year: a Good Riders Christmas Novella by Jacie FloydHappy This Year

  • Christmas Novella
  • Fourth work in the Good Riders Series

Beautiful young widow, Lisa Warner, devotes all of her time and attention to her two sons. After the tragic loss of her husband three years before, she’s unwilling to put her heart on the line. But as the holidays approach, she fantasizes about a little excitement to spice up her non-existent love life. Enter Quin Martin, a rugged Army veteran, who hides his own devastating grief behind a terse and brooding exterior. When a random introduction sparks an attraction between them, they agree to spend one passionate night together. But will one night be enough for them? And does Lisa’s youngest son’s Christmas wish give these two lonely people the courage to take a chance on love?

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Meant for Me: Good Riders Romance Book 3 by Jacie Floyd Meant for Me

  • Third book in the Good Riders series

When Nicole Smith was just a teenager with a head full of dreams, she saved the life of Mitch Grayson, a troubled boy about to join the Army. While she doubted she’d ever see him again, she could never quite forget him either. When their paths cross again, Mitch carries the internal scars of all he has seen and endured. Throughout his tours of duty, he carried Nicole’s picture into combat. Naming her his Good-Luck Angel, he believes the photograph kept him safe time after time. Now, they both have successful careers and meaningful lives, but neither of them can decide if fate is throwing them together again… or working overtime to keep them apart.

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Cursed by Love : Good Riders Romance Book 2 by Jacie FloydCursed by Love

  • Second book in the Good Riders series
  • Winner of the 2004 Golden Heart for Short Contemporary
  • Winner of the 2004 Maggie Award of Excellence for Long Contemporary

Does ownership of half of an ancient piece of Chinese erotica carry a curse that prevents its owners from finding and keeping true love? In Cursed by Love, the opinions of superstitious third-grade teacher Molly Webber and pragmatic businessman Gabe Shaw differ. As this mismatched Cincinnati couple attempt to separate the facts from the myths about this valuable artifact, sparks begin to fly between them. While the two of them wrestle with a force bigger than themselves, they evade the pursuit of unscrupulous collectors and must reach a decision about the carving’s ultimate destiny… and their own!

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Meet Your Mate: Good Riders Romance Book 1 by Jacie FloydMeet Your Mate

  • First book in the Good Riders series
  • 2009 & 2001 Golden Heart finalist in Short Contemporary
  • 2004 & 2000 Maggie Finalist

Annabel Morgan, a 30-year-old widowed film editor, intends to throw off the weight of past responsibilities and go out and enjoy life on her own terms for the first time. The hero, ‘Mad’ Max Williams, a larger-than-life-investigative reporter, is ready to move on and up in his career, and he’s not about to let anyone hold him back. While the two opposites clash in both style and temperament, they’re also rivals for a local media award that they both need to win for personal and professional reasons. Sparks fly between them when the two competitors are matched up on a televised dating show. By the time they lose the coveted award, they’ve gained an appreciation for one another’s talents in business and pleasure. They learn that the love and laughter they share is a more powerful force than the differences that keep them apart.

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  • Second book in the Sunnyside series

Chef Jillian Marshall had been the town princess for most of her life. But after her boyfriend dumped her and she had a falling out with her wealthy father, she only wanted to see the town of Sunnyside, Illinois in her rearview mirror. After ten years away, life in the big city hasn’t been good to her. When her father dies, she returns home to discover most of his businesses are bankrupt. To make matters worse, her ex-boyfriend has also returned to Sunnyside and is managing the only solvent venture in her father’s portfolio, a strip club on the edge of town.

As a financial whiz-kid, Matt Bowman had crashed and burned in New York City. The only way to survive and stay out of jail involved returning to Sunnyside and begging an old friend for a job. He never expected to see his old friend’s daughter again, the one woman he has never forgotten. But now here she is, appalled at both owning a strip club and finding him in her employ. But there’s that undeniable desire for one another that just won’t listen to reason. Will one of them stay, or will both of them go? Or can they find a way to forgive and forget?