Welcome to my website! Lately, I’ve been pondering the question, what is it that appeals to readers most about a book?

In my personal faves, it’s easy to see that I gravitate to books with believable stories and relatable characters. Beyond that, no matter what the conflict, century, or setting, there were certain identifiable, emotional elements that kept me coming back. It’s no wonder I feature these four essential elements in all of my books. I call them The Four Hs.

The first is Heart—the pulsebeat that is the basis of every love story.

The second is Heat. The Hero and Heroine must experience that initial spark of flirtation that kindles attraction and ends with a firestorm strong enough to burn up the sheets for a lifetime.

Third, I firmly believe Hope should live in my characters’ hearts no matter how dire their situations, how black the blackest moment.

And fourth, when in doubt, add Humor. There is nothing I like better than a wry aside, an amusing exchange, or dialogue that sparkles on a wave of witty banter.

So, there we have it. Heart, Heat, Hope, and Humor; the four essentials included in my Good Riders, Billionaire Brotherhood, and Sunnyside series. You could say that Happily Ever After is the fifth H on the list of necessities, but that’s a foregone conclusion for a romance, now, isn’t it?